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    Developing software innovations.

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     Dimitar Dimitrov

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    +359 2 444 20 03

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    +359 2 447 05 39

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    Accedia is a Professional IT Services company, specializing in technology consulting, software development outsourcing, as well as development of end-to-end IT solutions for both SMEs and large enterprises. With offices in Sofia, Bulgaria, Boston, MA and Palo Alto, CA, Accedia is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The company’s core areas of expertise include Digital Transformation, Custom Application Development, Big Data & Advanced Analytics and Cl

  • Vertical Markets Served

    Automotive, Financial Services (Banking, Insurance), Healthcare Services, IT Services (Outsourcing), Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail, Telecommunications (incl. Wireless), Trade, Transportation, and Logistics

  • Horizontal Markets Served

    Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing, Custom Development/Outsourcing, E-Commerce, IT Consulting, Knowledge Management/Operations, Product Maintenance, Support and Customization

  • Technology Platform

    .NET platform, J2EE platform