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12 March 2016 by Security Expo

The SECURITY IN DIGITAL PAYMENTS conference will be held on March 17th

Leading Bulgarian and international companies will present new solutions for fast and secure payments during SECURITY EXPO 2016 at Inter Expo Center.

SECURITY IN DIGITAL PAYMENTS ,the conference on secure online payments ,will be held at Inter Expo Center on March 17, the second day of SECURITY EXPO -the only national exhibition for security, safety and smart technology.

Along with the novelties in the field of security for homes, businesses and critical infrastructure with widely used means such as ,video surveillance, firefighting, control of access, IP networking, telecommunications, this year cyber security will be an issue to be discussed.

Leading Bulgarian and international companies will present a fast and convenient solutions for payments via Internet, or via well-known payment systems ,as well as via mobile phones, tablets and new applications.

At SECURITY IN DIGITAL PAYMENTS you will learn how to effect payments not only faster but also in a more secure way . You'll find answers to questions, such as : How to select the best provider of these services, what should be criteria to find the best solutions and platforms for electronic payments, what are global trends ?

For the first time you will meet service providers for online payments and business customers of digital services. Large-scale businesses in e-commerce will share their experience about the difficulties and problems of currently used payment systems. Start-up companies will explain why they chose a particular company for their online payments and how they ensure security of payments of small amounts.

The new technologies are changing the world in which we live and work. They also change the methods of payment and the way we handle the money. More information about the speakers and the program of the event can be found at : ,  and at .
The conference is organized by Inter Expo Center with the support of the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies and the Bulgarian Association for e-trading.

The forum will be held within the annual exhibition SECURITY EXPO 2016 from 16 to 19 March at Inter Expo Center.