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28 June 2017 by eCF Alliance

DIGIFRAME: Towards a Digital Organisational Reference Framework to strengthen capabilities to digitally transform enterprises and SME’s


The European Commission and the consortium partners Capgemini Consulting, Empirica and IDC kicked-off a new initiative that will propose an integrated digital organisational reference framework that connects digital organisational capabilities and supporting frameworks on the one hand with IT competences and professionalism at individual level on the other hand.

This reference framework (‘DIGIFRAME’) will contribute to more effective development of digital organisational capabilities as well as to increasing the digital maturity level of European enterprises of all sizes. The initiative will at the same time generate key indicators concerning the evolution of the supply and demand of IT professionals and eLeaders in Europe, which will allow to track the effect of the joint efforts of stakeholders in Europe to enhance IT professionalism.

This service contract will provides insights into the following:
- Better understanding of how strategies for improving digital organisational capabilities of enterprises could be developed, together with IT competences development;
- Facilitating the use of a digital organisational reference framework in liaison with the e-CF;
- More effective development of digital organisational capabilities, especially SMEs;
- Increasing the digital maturity level of European enterprises of all sizes.
The study will also take into account developments in the US and Japan. DIGIFRAME will be accompanied by general guidelines on how to use the framework and how to help enterprises and SME’s assess their digital capabilities.

The team will conduct various interviews, surveys and workshops in the coming year. If you want to participate or require more information: please contact the project lead: Niels van der Linden and/or visit the website:

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