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10 September 2019 location: Sofia contact person: Innovation Starter Agency

Innovation Explorer Forum 2020

The International Innovation Explorer Forum will be held for the sixth consecutive year in Sofia Event Center on 20.02.2020. It is organized by the Innovation Starter Agency in a media partnership with The new edition topic is “Closing the innovation gap between Bulgaria and the world”.
“The gap” is the real and metaphorical space that separates Bulgaria from the leading countries in the field of innovation and economic development. The word calls for our bold attention, similar to the world-famous sign board at every London subway station - "Mind the gap”.

However, where there is a metaphorical empty space, be it a hole, a precipice, a niche, of course, it has the potential to be filled to make something new happen. That is why the creative agency of the 2020 event, Havas, draws its inspiration from the famous sign on London's metro “Mind the gap” and makes it sound more like an engaging call to action rather than a scary warning: Don't mind the gap.
Because innovation is a field in which one can be active, take risks and see opportunities where others see obstacles. With our message, we want to inspire people to explore the subject and take a big step forward in the future. Don`t mind the gap at Innovation Explorer Forum 2020. Bulgaria needs bold actions.

The speakers of the forum are again guests from all over the world and will explore the unknown and the future.

Gerd Leonhard (Switzerland) is a world-renowned futurist; Dr. Adriana Maraa (South Africa) - theoretical physicist and technologist from the Mars One space mission team; Tim Kemp (UK) PwC - Lecturer in Leadership; Philippe Boulanger (France) - President of the Association of Professional Speakers; Arthur Pantelides (Greece) - Teacher of Critical Thinking AUB; Daniel Lorer (Bulgaria) - CEO of BrightCap Ventures Private Equity Venture Fund, Dr. Yene Assegid (Ethiopia) - Lecturer in Leadership at UNICEF, and many others.

Early Bird tickets are now on sale at by the end of January 2020!
The event is organized with the general support of UniCredit Bulbank, Kaufland, HPE operated by Selectium and in partnership with the Bulgarian Innovation Ecosystem, represented by over 50 organizations.