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SAP Labs Bulgaria

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    SAP Labs Bulgaria is focused on development in several layers of the Java stack of SAP NetWeaver product - a scalable and reliable component platform. The company has been involved in the area of innovative J2EE technologies for more than eight years, working closely with the different development sites of SAP worldwide and keeping in-line with leading-edge technology.

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    ISO 9001: 2000; ISO 27001

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    Program Director Mr. Stamen Kotchkov

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    +359 2 9157 124

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    +359 2 9157 691

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    SAP Web Application Server

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    With SAP Web Application Server, you get support for platform-independent Web services, business applications, and standards-based development built on key technologies such as Java Platform Enterprise Edition (JEE) and ABAP. So you can leverage existing technology assets -- while building and deploying the dynamic business applications and Web-services-oriented solutions that drive today's collaborative business.

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    J2EE platform