Member Benefits

To achieve our goals as an association we provide our members with information about sector development, we coordinate with government representatives, so they represent the Bulgarian companies’ needs and interests, we identify business opportunities and build our members’ image as a part of the industry association. We have a focus on several areas:

Company Excellence Opportunities

  • BASSCOM encourages companies to implement latest software engineering standards

  • BASSCOM assists member companies with negotiating preferential fees for various quality assurance, project management and general software excellence training programs

  • BASSCOM is co-founder of the Eastern European regional excellence center of the European Software Institute

Defending company interests

  • Membership in other business organizations in Bulgaria – in order to raise level of business ethics, defend companies’ interests further through bigger and more influential organizations and keep track with other sectors of the economy

  • Collaboration with the government to establish better conditions for business in Bulgaria; assisting in  the development of the industry’s legal framework and work with government to establish a healthy business climate; collaboration with government and non-governmental organizations to promote and safeguard the common interests of member companies

  • National ICT Development Strategy - participation in the formulation of a national policy and an action plan for software industry development

  • Promotion of fair competition

Raise the level of IT awareness in Bulgaria

  • Awareness initiative is about to begin; It will present software products of our members to interested companies from other sectors

  • Media Coverage - BASSCOM actively issues Press Releases, within all forms of media and participates at the media board of the National ICT development strategy

Promote high standards of IT education in Bulgaria

  • BASSCOM works with the Bulgarian Government to support the IT penetration in schools and universities to ensure availability of skilled manpower to meet the needs of the industry, and ensure that the talent pool achieves higher levels of technical skills

  • BASSCOM provides opportunities for continuous professional development and offers internships/scholarships for raising the level of software education

  • BASSCOM supports the National Mathematics and Informatics teams

  • BASSCOM is a co-founder of the “Association for Advanced Studies, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” aiming at keeping the young specialists in Bulgaria, encouraging R&D, foreign investment in Bulgaria and forming teams of students to conduct research under European projects

  • BASSCOM organizes annual Programming Tournament for young and talented programmers where they can prove their capabilities and draw the attention of the business

International Promotion of the Bulgarian Software industry

  • Attracting bigger and more significant international projects

  • Advancing the image of the Bulgarian software industry abroad and establishing Bulgaria as a recognized presence in the global software development market

  • Organizing Member Participation at Interlational Events such as Systems and CeBit in Germany, Outsource World in the USA, SITEF and SETI in France, etc.

Identifying Business Opportunities

  • Participation in B2B networks such as TRADO and Bulgarian IT Exchange.

  • Organization of networking events such as official promotion of the European IST Prize, Info Days, Business to Business match-making events


  • Work groups (EDU, Export Promotion, New Members)

  • Mailing Lists providing regular information to member companies on topics such as government policies, opportunities in the domestic and export markets, information on seminars/conferences abroad etc.

  • Monthly BASSCOM after-hour meetings

  • BASSCOM CEO Retreats