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30 June 2022 by Chaos

Chaos sets internal laboratory for innovations in the graphic technologies

Chaos is going to set up an inhouse Innovation Lab in support of its long-term vision to build the first
platform for end-to-end visualization, 3D commerce and beyond.

Chaos’ goal is to develop a technological ecosystem for 3D visualization to support the entire workflow of
architects, designers, and visualizers in the fields of AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Design), VFX
and entertainment, and product design.

The recently announced merger between the Bulgarian company Chaos and the German leader in the
field of interactive design and design workflow optimization Enscape, as well as the acquisition of the 3D
product visualization platform for commerce Cylindo, boosted the implementation of this vision.

Chaos Innovation Lab will work as an inhouse division of the global company. It will be managed by
Vladimir Koylazov, who co-founded the company together with Peter Mitev in the late 90s. He is a
Board Member and will take the role of Head of Innovation Lab. He and his team will encourage the
professionals from Chaos’ eleven offices around the globe to share ideas and to research subjects in the
field of rendering. The team will partner with academic institutions and with other R&D hubs in graphic
technologies and will test new concepts thus contributing to the long-term vision of Chaos.

The expansion of the company's product portfolio in support of its global vision will be led by Peter
, co-founder and Member of the Board of Chaos, as Chief Product Officer.

The global business strategy and operations of the company will be managed by Christian Lang as a
CEO of Chaos. Christian Lang has been a CEO of Enscape since June 2020.

The united company has kept the name Chaos and has its headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Currently the global team of Chaos includes more than 700 professionals, allocated to offices in Sofia,
Karlsruhe, Prague, Skopje, Bitola, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Seoul and Tokyo.