SAP works with over 437 000 customers in 180 countries and has more than 98 600 employees. The development center in Bulgaria is a key contributor to SAP's strategy, developing significant parts of the SAP Cloud Platform. More than 75% of the teams in the Research & Development center work on Cloud-related projects. The company in Sofia also has strong contributions towards life-cycle management, User Interface & Experience across a broader portfolio of SAP products. Founded in 2000, the company is established as preferred employer in the IT sector in the Bulgaria. With its more than 930 professionals, SAP Labs Bulgaria has a remarkable culture of openness, collaborative and friendly environment and a positive atmosphere. The development center is proud to have pioneered the lean approach and agile methodologies in software development in Bulgaria. Radoslav Nikolov Managing Director, SAP Labs Bulgaria

"Since our goal is to be a reliable partner and vendor, we at TSD believe that our team is our greatest achievement and investment. Our experience and expertise show that it is possible to bring up, guide, model and train people from the ground up so that they, with their creativity and dedication, contribute towards the success of the company. Success is a result, not simply a consequence." German Gachevski CEO, TSD Services, Ltd.

Our business success is significantly dependent on our ability to retain our key personnel, to attract new IT gurus, and to manage staff attrition. We believe that our personnel is our key corporate asset. We invest in human resources to maximize company’s growth potential. Tsvetan Alexiev CEO Sirma Solutions

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