BASSCOM member-companies are recognised for their high-quality services, large track record and reliability as professional business partners. They employ professionals experienced in working on projects all over the world: Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, UK, USA, etc.

Through utilizing a wide range of technologies and programming languages in line with an excellent business process and quality management, member-companies provide high-quality services for industries including Academics and Education, Aerospace and Defence, CAD/CAM systems, Charity, Construction,  Entertainment, Finance and Banking, Freight Forwarding, Healthcare, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications and Tourism.

BASSCOM companies are specialised in offering customized solutions such as development, implementation and support of sophisticated information systems, IS re-engineering, IT consulting which range from implementation and support of sophisticated information systems, IS reengineering, IT consulting, development of complex B2B solutions, e-business, e-learning and wireless applications.